Advanced Dentistry



Derry, NH Advanced Dentistry – Derry Dental Associates

Derry Dental Associates offers Advanced Dentistry with the latest dental technology available which allows us to preform state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, long lasting smiles! To learn more about some of our advanced dental technology simply choose from the link below.

In our practice we take pride in seeking out the best dental equipment, the most practical treatment programs, and the least invasive technology to deliver restorative and preventative care to our patients.

To learn more about the latest dental technology offered at our Derry, NH dental facility simply choose from the links below.

E4D One Hour Dentistry We can mill your new crown in the office while you wait – about 90 minutes… LEARN MORE!
Lumineers Porcelain veneer technology allowing smile to be restored with no or very little tooth removal. Now, with Lumineers, it is easier than ever to get that “ Hollywood ” smile… LEARN MORE!
Laser Dentistry Laser dentistry allows for early treatment of gum disease and tooth decay. We put technology to work in order to help speed the healing process and treatment of pain… LEARN MORE!
Diagnodent Diagnodent cavity detection uses a small laser to cause decay on the surfaces of teeth to glow. This enables us to detect smaller cavities earlier and with greater accuracy and thoroughness… LEARN MORE!