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Technology-Driven Dental Care

We see dentistry as a way to help others and improve their lives. A new crown is a confidence booster. A healthy mouth is a new reason to smile. No matter how small it seems, each treatment we provide can have a bigger impact on our patients’ well-being. That’s why we continue to invest in our training so we can bring our patients the most minimally invasive treatments and the most predictable and long-term results.

We also take a personal interest in implementing advanced dental technology in Derry, NH. Developments in the dental field and dental technology have improved our diagnostic abilities and have made treatment more comfortable and convenient for patients. Whether Drs. Erik and Karen Young are showing you 3D images of the inner workings of your oral health during your consultation or you’re watching in real-time how we craft your new crown, we use modern technology to offer a unique and high-quality experience that’s hard to find anywhere else.

How Advanced Technology Helps You

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Minimally invasive techniques
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Higher level of customization
  • Less sedation needed
  • Faster recovery periods
  • Predictable, long-lasting results

High-Quality Tools, Long-Lasting Results

Our full-service practice implements advanced dental technology through every step of your treatment. We don’t rush diagnostics or treatment planning, nor do we need to. With the efficiency provided by these advanced tools, we’re able to spend more time customizing your results and ensuring their success in the long-term. Whether a simple filling or a complex full mouth dental implant treatment, our full-service practice ensures you receive treatment you can trust. Here’s some of the technology we use to make it happen.

Cone Beam CT
Our Planmeca ProMax® cone beam CT imaging technology captures highly detailed, 3D images of your oral features in just seconds. Conveniently located in our office, this advanced technology used to only be offered in hospital settings. Using modern Romexis software, we combine these 3D images and other diagnostic tools to digitally plan your treatment ensuring more predictable results.
Dental Laser
Imagine dental work without the sights and sounds of drills or scalpels? That’s possible with our Gemini™ dental laser. Laser dentistry has truly revolutionized dentistry, offering more precise, gentle, and minimally invasive techniques. Using laser light instead of sharp dental tools, many of our patients experience shorter and more efficient visits and are able to return to their normal routines faster than ever.
Same-Day Crowns
Using our in-house E4D milling machine we can offer high-quality dental crown in just one day. Having this technology in our office ensures we have control over the level of quality we can guarantee. Customized to your functional needs, each crown is also made to blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile.
Plasma-Rich Growth Factors (PrGF)
Using natural elements already found in your body, we can accelerate healing after surgery. After taking a small sample of your blood, we place it in a centrifuge to isolate PrGF. This is then introduced, in concentrated form, to the surgical site to ensure a faster recovery.
Sometimes cracked teeth can harbor decay that x-rays may not be able to detect. Tooth decay and cavities can’t hide from DIAGNOdent, though. A handheld device, we can conveniently scan your teeth with laser fluorescence to identify hard-to-see cavities and ensure early detection.

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