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Ending Your Extraction Fears

Removing Pain Shouldn’t Cause Pain

Painful, persistent toothaches can stop you from living your life, or living it as you should be. Eating, speaking, and sleeping should come with ease. Before considering a tooth extraction, Drs. Erik and Karen Young will do everything possible to remove infection or restore the integrity of the tooth. However, if removal is necessary, we ensure comfortable and gentle tooth extractions in Derry, NH. Our sedation options will help ease any discomfort or fears you have about your treatment, and with our advanced technology, you will have accurate results with speedy recovery periods. A full-service practice, we offer both tooth exactions as well as wisdom tooth extractions to meet your needs.

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What Kind of Extraction Do You Need?

Tooth Extractions
If we determine that we can’t salvage your tooth, we offer gentle tooth extraction with anesthesia options to make the entire process pain-free and comfortable. Our advanced technology allows us to extract your painful tooth, minimizing damage to surrounding tissues, which means a faster recovery period for you. We give you post-operative instructions to prevent dry socket and further speed up healing.
2. Wisdom Teeth Removal
Painful wisdom teeth, also called your third molars, can have a deep impact on your everyday life. Our wisdom teeth removal will extract the source of your discomfort and our sedation dentistry services ensure that you won’t feel a thing except for a pain-free mouth!
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After Your Tooth Extraction

To preserve and maintain the function of your jaw after an extraction, we highly recommend dental implants. Dental implants take on the role of natural teeth. The implant post will stimulate healthy bone growth to preserve your jawbone health, prevent your facial aesthetics from fading and even prevent future tooth loss. With a custom crown to top it all off, your dental implant will also fill the gap left in your smile after a tooth is extracted. Together they restore complete oral function and health. In many cases, we’re also able to remove a tooth and place a dental implant in the same visit! That means you can rid your smile of pain and infection and restore it to its natural beauty with just one appointment.

The Benefits of Implants After Extraction

  • A smile that is full and natural, boosting your confidence
  • Restoration of oral function, allowing you to eat whatever you please
  • Speech that is articulate and clear
  • A robust and solid jaw, both for function and appearance
  • Improved oral and dental health

Let’s End Your Extraction Fears!

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