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A Restored Smile, Almost Instantly

The Wait is Over

Dental bridges or dental crowns in Derry, NH don’t have to take multiple visits or multiple practices. We can provide you with the support you need for a complete, functioning and healthy smile almost instantly. We offer same-day crowns and bridges that are tailored to your dental needs and use the latest advanced technology to custom create a restoration that is made specifically for you.

With us, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for your restorations, allowing you to get right back to living your life with a healthy and aesthetically appealing smile. We will guide you every step of the way and want you to be an informed and active member of the process. Whether you need a bridge to fill a gap left by a missing tooth, or a crown to restore the integrity, beauty, or function of a single tooth, we offer the customized solution you need. Your care is our priority, so we pride ourselves on giving you convenient, personalized care with our unique touch.

dental bridge model

Our Same-Day Process

With the latest in dental technology, we will take your personalized care one step further! Using E4D Technologies software and our precise intraoral scanner, we first capture every crevice and special feature of your teeth and utilize this information to digitally craft your crown or bridge. Each restoration we create is designed to match your bite and your smile, blending seamlessly with surrounding teeth. Next, we’ll use our in-house milling machine to create it ourselves. Unlike most other practices, we don’t want you to simply be a bystander to all this action. We’ll not only request your input on the final color, shade, and shape of each restoration, but when we create them in our milling machine, we encourage you to watch! We want to instill confidence and comfort in our personalized process through transparency and active participation. Education and communication are key to ensuring you experience the true benefits of the same-day difference we offer.

The Same-Day Difference

Through our years of experience and investment in modern technology, we can give you a permanent crown or bridge the same day as your visit. When you come to us, you skip the hassle of a temporary replacement. Same-day crowns can make a difference for our patients receiving a root canal by sealing their treatment site immediately, this decreases the chance of future infection. For those receiving immediate load dental implants, we can restore their smile the same day as surgery, preventing multiple visits to other offices. Our close attention to detail means that your crown or bridge will also blend with your natural smile. If you need a dental crown or bridge in Derry, NH, we’re here to offer you the highest level of quality solutions and help you restore complete function, health, and aesthetics.

Do You Need a Crown or Bridge?

  • Protect a weak tooth from damage
  • Prevent any further cracking of a broken tooth
  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Restore a damaged tooth and make it appear brand-new
  • Achieve your ideal smile by hiding any discoloration or misshapen teeth
  • Feel confident and secure in your smile and yourself
dental bridge model

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