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The Clear Path to Straighter Teeth

Invisibly Enhance Your Smile

Whether a teen or an adult, if you want to correct your crooked teeth or straighten out your smile, come to us and learn more about the advantage of Invisalign® in Derry, NH. You don’t have to feel insecure about your teeth any longer! The word “braces” conjures up images of a mouth full of metal, strict diet restrictions and more feelings of self-consciousness. Invisalign will change how you view orthodontics. Using custom and clear aligners, Invisalign moves your teeth in a comfortable and discreet fashion and can even be part of a complete smile makeover.

Drs. Erik and Karen Young offer tailored treatment plans to address each concern and objective you have with your smile. After a thorough and personalized consultation, we’ll determine what your cosmetic and functional goals are. We might even use Invisalign to align your teeth and your bite to prevent and treat TMJ disorders. Dr. Erik Young is a Silver Invisalign Provider, a status highlighting his successful years of using Invisalign to improve patients’ lives. Your positive experience is our priority, and we want you to feel confident and secure during the entire discreet process of achieving your straighter smile.

The Steps to a Dental Implant Bridge

The Visible Difference Modern Technology Makes
While metal braces might have been the standard in orthodontics, we want to bring you into the world of modern dental technology. The iTero® intraoral scanner replaces the outdated and inaccurate process of making a mold of your teeth through gooey or messy impressions. Using this wand-like device, we can easily scan your oral structures and get an in-depth view of your mouth. The high-quality images we capture are used to create clear aligners that are customized and formed for your unique treatment plan and desired results.
The Benefits of Invisalign
If you’re already feeling self-conscious because of your crooked teeth, we understand how braces might further those pre-existing feelings. That’s why we offer Invisalign. Being the gold-standard of orthodontic treatment, your smile will shift and move into the right placement, without anybody knowing you have braces. With Invisalign, you don’t have to be careful of what you eat or drink, because the clear aligners are easily removable. When you’re finished eating or drinking, just simply snap them back in! Invisalign invisible braces allow you to live your life, without feeling weighed down by the physical and emotional feel of metal braces.

What to Expect with Invisalign

  • Clear braces that will go unnoticed
  • Comfortable aligners that provide custom results
  • Smooth and easy removal of aligners to eat or drink
  • No discomfort from wires or brackets
  • Straighter teeth through a discreet process
  • Effective and budget-friendly treatment

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Invisibly Work Your Way to Straighter Teeth!

Let us show you how Invisalign can change your life.